HR Policy Framing

HR Rules of the organization

Leave Policy

Expense Reimbursement Policy

  • Travel Policy
  • Local Conveyance Policy

Employee Benefit Policy

  • Health Policy
  • Safety Policy

Recruitment Policy

IT Policy

  • Internet & Email Use policy

Holidays & Hours of Work

On the Job Training Policy

Code of Conduct

Employee Induction Policy & Procedures

Employee Referral Policy

Advantages of framing HR Policies:-
a) These policies are meant to ease the task of HR.
b) These policies allow people to function more efficiently and be happier but not to obstruct them.

Statutory Compliances

Compliance of PF Rules
Compliance of ESIC Rules
Compliance of Labor Law (For Manufacturing Cos.)

Non-compliance of Statutory laws can lead an organization to unnecessary litigations if an employee complains to the authorities

Salary Structure

PF Deduction

ESIC Deduction

TDS Deduction


Medical Allowance

Organization Structure

Identifying Responsibility & Authority structure

Identifying proper Reporting Structure

Better Clarity in Roles and Responsibilities of the team members

A well thought Organization Structure also leads to

  1. Well-developed Candidate Profile for each position
  2. Well defined Job Profile / Job descriptions
  3. Better analysis of Performance / Employee Output
  4. Mentoring of juniors for higher responsibilities

Advantages of a proper Organization Structure are:-

  1. Better use of Manpower
  2. Effective Manpower planning for future recruitments
  3. Effective Recruitment process with Better Interview Guidelines

Performance Management

Job Profile / Job description preparation for key profiles

Structured Activity reporting formats

Business Generation Matrix

  • Delegation of Performance responsibility

Unbiased Appraisal Mechanism

Timely Rewards & Recognition

Better Employee Retention / Management

Promotion of right talents

Mentoring HR Department in the company

Identifying and Placing suitable talent for HR Functions

Mentoring and Guiding the HR Person regarding his roles & responsibilities

Employee Interview and Selection Process

Guidelines for identifying right talents for the organization

Salary & employee benefit Negotiation guidelines

Salary Survey for Senior positions for the organization

Exit Interview and documentation

INDUCTION of new employees

Induction training is essential for any company because it helps a new recruit grow within the organization and motivates him/her to be stronger performer. It is during induction program that a new recruit gets to know about the organization’s philosophy, work environment, employee’s responsibilities, the organization culture and values and also the key business processes.

Interaction at this stage shapes an individual’s disposition and outlook for work and motivation levels. The importance of induction cannot be underestimated.

Our induction training covers the following employee topics :

  • Salary structure
  • Attendance and leave cycles
  • PF, ESIC, PT, LWF & Company Insurance features
  • Reimbursement policies and procedures
  • Incentive policies if any
  • Job description and expectations
  • Overview of company principles and values
  • Reporting hierarchy

We strongly believe that bad induction is a trigger to attrition, whereas, good induction facilitates retention.

Through our InductionTraining product, we strongly reinforce this principle within our clients’ organizations.