Employee assessment tests are based on hiring and retention case studies and analyzing employee data. The test results will give the company an indication of how close a match the candidate taking the test will be to the company's hiring specifications.

Employee Assessments are of two types

  • Pre-employment test
  • Post-employment test

Pre-employment tests or employment screening tests, are used to help employers identify candidates that will be a good fit for jobs at their company. These tests help predict a new hire’s on-the-job performance and retainability. So, in theory, applicants who pass the screening test should perform better as employees if they're hired.

Post-Employment tests or Pre-Promotion tests are used to identify managerial skills, Leadership skills, technical skills or any other relevant skills that are required to execute the new responsibilities to an existing employee.

Employee Training

Soft Skill Development Training
We can provide Soft Skill Trainings like Communication skills, Business Etiquette, Body Language, Emotional Intelligence, Grooming, Presentation Skills, Leadership etc. through our qualified and highly experienced set of trainers.

Online Technical Training
We provide Online Technical Training to fresher’s and working professionals on 5S, Six Sigma, Kaizen, TPM, JIT, Lean Tools, 7QC Tools etc which can help them getting better job opportunities. This training tool can also be used by companies for up skilling their staff and can be good employee retention tool.